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Getting Started with Making Electronic Music

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Getting Started with Making Electronic Music

Some people wonder how music gets made in the first place. If you've ever had that thought, electronic music is a low barrier way of peeling back the layers and figuring out how to do it. For this zine, Amelia interviewed Luke Wolcott and Shoshanna Regatta about their approach and setup for making electronic music.

How did you get started? — What have you been making lately? — What’s your studio like? — Ableton Live — The basics — The fun things— LW: How I use Ableton — Tell us about the process of a song — A few words on mixing and mastering — Just get started — Getting your music out there — Resources and recommendations

Mineral Wool —
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20 pages

Risograph printed on an MF-9450 in grass and black inks, on paper salvaged from a barn in Idaho by our friends Taxonomy Press. Booklet imposition and color separations via Spectrolite, available for free for Mac. Collated by hand, cut and trimmed with a Guillo-Max, folded and stapled with a Stitch-n-Fold B2000.

TEXT/ Luke Wolcott and Shoshanna Regatta
TEXT, PHOTOGRAPHS/ Amelia Greenhall
BOOK DESIGN/ Robert Baxter and Amelia Greenhall

ISBN: 978-1-63979-012-8